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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Having the beauty of foresight isn’t an ability most of us possess, for if we did we’d undoubtedly being winning left, right and center when playing real cash slots online. Fortunately for us, there’s games such as Mystic Fortunes, a so called lucky slot machine due to its ability of being able to see into the future.

Utilising all the tricks of the trade, users will attempt to read Tarot cards and brush gold across a palm to appease those who look down on us from supernatural planes. It all sounds too good to be true though, doesn’t it – 5 reels of good luck on every spin? Then there’s only one thing for it: we’ll have to start up a game and browse the 15 paylines for ourselves!

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A Game of Horseshoes

Throwing horseshoes is a traditional pastime that, although not as popular nowadays, has been appreciated over countless generations. Although you won’t be throwing horseshoes around per say, you do get to interact with this good luck symbol, and in doing so you can win yourself a round of free games.

Seeing as there are 5 reels in total, matches can be made in threes, four or fives, with the latter being the optimum amount for big money wins. That being said, a grouping of just three will reward you a number of extra spins, only that amount will be a lot smaller than the others; three matches gets you 10 spins, while five gets you 50. We know which we’d prefer.

The Reading

Reading cards is quite a daunting experience, though more for the person being read than the one performing; you just never know what’ll come up. We hope for good, but bad can always lurk not too far behind. The same is sort of true of the bonus round.

When you’ve collected enough bonus points, you’ll be shown a screen filled with faced down cards. The idea is for you to work your way through the deck, flipping them over to reveal the monetary gains hidden underneath. However, a STOP sign is somewhere buried among all the prizes, and so you’re never sure if you’re going to hit your stride, or whether the round will end before it’s begun.

In the Money!

If you’re a regular player of slot machines, you’ll have seen the various ways in which jackpots can be activated: some are random led, while others have set guidelines. Mystic Fortunes falls into the latter category; you need to get so many of the jackpot symbol matching for a win to be made, with the money increasing depending on the number of tiles included.

Get a winning line of five icons and you’ll get 10,000 credits, though you’ll need to stake a max bet every time for the tiles to even show up. You don’t get something for nothing with this Spielo title.


Just with any service, you’ll need to show some cash up front to get the full works, and with Mystic Fortunes that means putting down a stake. As there’s two parts to the system – the value of the coins and how many are placed, your wager can vary in size quite a bit. That being said, the fee still seems to be inside reasonable means when compared with other slot machines out there, particularly of this size.

A maximum of 10 credits can be placed on each winline, of which there’s 15, but you can have just one. Furthermore, the value can range from 0.01 to 1, which will of course have an affect on your overall punt; watch the counter below the screen, it’ll show you what you need to know.

Tell Me What You See…?

When you first start up Mystic Fortunes, you’re presented with a dated aesthetic that screams old school, an acquired taste for most players, but you actually get a rather modern experience. The combination of the two makes this a highly playable game, though the theme will always hold it back when compared with a no novelty slot.