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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Talk about unexpected from Spielo! Having played some of their older slots, we’ve become used to the brand doing things certain ways, but then Poseidon came along and changed all that we knew. This 5-reel real cash slot is a breath of fresh air when compared with Mystic Island, not just for the change in aesthetic, but also in layout as a whole.

Bright, polished and more contemporary, this underwater treasure trove of symbols brings the mythology of Poseidon alive, without actually having to recreate the tales he stars in. It’s one of the more unique ways we’ve engaged with the theme, which so happens to be a popular one among online slot machines.

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Two Ways Play

Before we get to the paytable and seeing what image gets you which prize, there’s some arguably more interesting to test out: the one and two ways play. Usually slot machines will play one way, left to right, unless they state otherwise, but here you can select to go left to right and right to left. Say hello to increased chances of winning. However, you’re more than welcome to go back to the more traditional way of gaming, if you don’t feel challenged enough.

In connection with this, the number of winlines have been done away with, and ways to play have been included instead. They’re much more easier going on gamers, especially those who lack experience, even if the grid looks to be too big to handle.

A Gambling Man

We didn’t have Poseidon down as a gambling man, but it seems he favours the odd punt just as you do, for there’s a gamble option at the end of every win. This doesn’t seem to be common among Spielo slots, and so we jumped at the chance to try it out, though we needn’t have got over excited. Although you can double your winnings, the format is the usual guess the card suit, which has been seen dozens of times over.

Mundane though it may be, it also means that you can adapt to the round easily, though it by no means promises that you can get the cash just as easily; the volatility is too steep here for that.

Open Chest

Despite being a fancier looking game, Poseidon doesn’t have as much variance as other Spielo slots, and so the best you can hope for is triggering some free games. To do so, you’ll need to get three or more of the treasure chest symbol, though a win of two will grant you coins, if little else.

As many as 30 rounds can be yours, giving you more than enough time to claw back the cash and add it to your kitty, not that you should be too strapped for money right now, as the starting wager is only 0.50 credits. Sadly though, while the extra spins are cheap and cheerful, they lack impact, and so this slot loses its edge. Still, you have to ask yourself whether having an edge is important to the gameplay or not, or whether you’d prefer a simplistic title…?

Wetter Doesn’t Mean Better

Remember in The Little Mermaid where Sebastian sings that it’s better down where it’s wetter? Well, we’re not so sure having played Poseidon. The game starts off so well, with the graphics lending a hand in getting our attentions, but then it lets us down with little variety and depth. It’s hard to be entertained when there’s so little to actually help with that.

Then you have the lacklustre wins, priced at no more than 250 credits (even when you play with maximum bet), making this a rather low paying slot machine. All in all, we’re on the fence here, and so while we’d recommend playing, we’d highly suggest trying Poseidon out via its demo version first. To be on the safe side and all that jazz.