Princess of the Amazon Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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You may have explored unknown lands before, but have you ever visited the Amazon Rainforest, where the Princess of the Amazon awaits all who step foot in her domain? It’s highly doubtful. Fear not though, for that’s about to change, as you can now play a 40 winlines slot machine that allows you to do all that, but from inside of your own home. Who knew, right?!

This is another juicy theme from Spielo, though it’s not as attractive as some of their previous real cash slots, like Mystic Fortunes. Though that could be seen as down to the software used. Princess of the Amazon is a Gtech creation, and so it has similar design features to that of Poseidon, also from the combo of both brands at work.

But when it comes down to it, can a pretty face and more modern graphics create a winning formula alone, or does more need to be added into the mix?

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Encased in Gold

Even though Gtech has lent a hand in creating this slot machine, they haven’t just reused stock imagery to develop the 5 reels of this game, and so the slot is unique in subject matter. This is most notable in the colour palette, which is particularly rich in gold, as seen by the frame surrounding the grid.

Overall, users have a much brighter matrix to engage with than those seen from other Spielo slots, which helps to facilitate a more enjoyable and cheerful atmosphere in which to game. This might not have variance at every turn, but it has colour, helping to lift those down in the dumps spirits.

Extra Leg Room

Any size of real cash slot can be said to be enjoyable in its own way, but the truth of the matter is that the larger the number of winlines, the more room you have to maneuver. The greater the room you have the better the gameplay, for those wins should fall into place more easily, at least theoretically speaking.

In Princess of the Amazon you have up to 40 paylines, with the chance to reduce the number down to one, thus allowing users to tweak the game to their preferred needs. For those keen on a high volatility challenge, we suggest going for 10 lines or below, and for those looking for medium to low volatility, to seek the higher levels for safety.

Wild and Free

As royalty of such an untamed landscape, it should come as no surprise that the Amazonian princess is the wild of the game. With this feature she brings the ability to shuffle the other symbols around, save for the scatter, in a hope of making wins for you. She may not always be successful, but when she is the benefits can be most enlightening.

Then you have the temple in which she lives, a house of stone and gold; the scatter needs but a match of three and its special feature of extra games unlocks and spills out upon the reels. Furthermore, the higher your initial stake, the greater the returns when you land such symbols; the scatter is worth up to 48,000 credits!

All Show

As gamers, we love a good show, but Princess of the Amazon feels like that’s all it ever is: all for show. We want to be entertained on more than a visual level, and in that respect, this title doesn’t quite deliver. There’s feature games, as we’ve mentioned, but that hardly makes the challenge of the reels worthwhile, especially if you play at the maximum bet of 12 credits per line (480.00).

This seems to be an online slot that had potential, but it was left untapped rather than harnessed and funneled into other areas of gameplay, and now you’re left with an average experience.

If you’ve enjoyed this but want more, maybe try Mystic Island from the brand – it’s arguably the same theme, but from different software and thus has a different atmosphere. It definitely feels bigger and more varied.