Roman Empire Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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Coming in with a big opening is Roman Empire, a grand yet old fashioned looking real cash slot from the minds over at Spielo. Don’t let its appearance fool you, this may look like some second hand wannabe, but it plays like a dream, and delivers some fabulous prizes.

As seems to be their preferred setup, there are 5 reels with which to work across, and as many as 15 paylines, though you’re free to play around. Inside of this you have free spins, bonus levels, and even special jackpot symbols to add up. The gamble option that showcases in some of the brand’s games may not be in place, but you won’t be missing it thanks to everything else going on.

This feels like a big blockbuster game, and we hope you feel the same way once you play.

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Las Vegas Style

We’ve come across our fair share of Roman inspired slots in our time, and they usually have a moody aesthetic; sometimes they’re playful, but rarely. Here, in Roman Empire, you have a very Las Vegas inspired set of graphics, e.g. it looks cheap and tacky, but has a lot of glitz and glam.

It’s an acquired taste for sure, and the lack of generic imagery will perhaps put players off, but those that look past the design are in for a lot of fun. Layout wise, the game hasn’t deviated from the norm, meaning that all the controls are in familiar and acceptable places.

Go Big!

Getting your hands on gold isn’t something that just happens, it’s something you have to work for – how many people do you know that are rich by doing nothing? That’s right, not many. The same sort of principles can be applied here; you need to put in a lot to get a lot. And so, when it comes to the jackpot symbol, you can’t hold back and play it safe, you have to go with the maximum stake possible.

This isn’t one for those faint of heart, or those of you trying to keep on top of a budget, you need to be able to go in hard and make a killing. After all, a 150 credit bet isn’t cheap. For that expense though, you can earn as much as 1,000 coins back should you get five of the jackpot symbols. It’s a small prize in truth, but it feels much bigger when sitting in your pockets.

What’s Behind Door Number 2…

Spielo appear to have a thing for pick me bonuses, for Roman Empire has another for you to play, only here you’re opening pots rather than flipping levers out in the jungle (see Mystic Island). Bland though it may be, a lot of money can be gleaned from this round, and so you’ll do well to appreciate it whenever the level presents itself.

As you’ll have seen before, if you’re a regular player, there’s a stop icon hidden inside one of the icons you’re rifling through, and so you can lose at any moment. We like the not knowing, it makes the game feel much more intense, which adds to the drama of it all – Rome isn’t Rome without some drama!

A Ring of Roses

You’ve already got quite a bit to be getting on with, but why stop here when you can get some free games as well. Oh yes, gamers, Spielo have included a scatter icon that can bag you 50 spins, though it can offer out as few as 10.

No matter how you slice and dice this one, a series of extra rounds is never a bad deal, for you get to play for free and make some money back. So what if you only ever hit 10 per grouping, it’s better than having no scatter whatsoever.

The Empire Is Booming

Roman Empire is a class act, even though it doesn’t look like one. It’s bursting with variance, and the volatility makes it playable if not easy to win; could you ask for anything more? We think not.