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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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If you’ve found yourself upon the 5 reels of Sphinx, you’d better like getting sand in all those annoying cracks, for you’re about to embark on an Egyptian adventure. In reality, you’ve probably done that many times over whilst playing real cash slots online, but this Spielo game still has a few surprises to send your way.

Despite the conventional looking design, there’s an exciting and multifaceted bonus round that really makes the game what it is: a winner. Normally older titles look stale when placed against the new, but not Sphinx, this title can hold its own. Then on top of that, you have a small priced pay-in to work with, opening this slot up to many more users, regardless of their income size.

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What’s in a Design?

We place a lot of expectation on game designs, expecting them to be exciting, an explosion of colour and animation. And so, when presented with themes that don’t adhere to such expectations, we become certain that our experience is going to be reduced in some way. Sometimes that’s true, but not when it comes to this slot.

Sphinx has a very plain aesthetic, there’s no getting away from that fact. It has a blinding white background, with various Egyptian icons just slapped on to make the theme work. It looks and feels crudely done, and yet the gameplay you find upon the reels is anything but crude. You’ll find a sophisticated, if not overly intelligent, means of playing, allowing for regular wins and ample prizes.

Playing the Long Game

Double or nothings can be so hit and miss, for they can provide you with such generic options that you turn off, disinterested in what they have to offer. Or perhaps they’re simply too hard to successfully play. Well, with Sphinx you get a little of column A and B, but the result isn’t all that bad: you know what you’re getting, but you can beat the game with a fair amount of ease.

We managed to get three rounds in our first gamble before we lost it all, not bad considering most gambe features annihilate you on the first attempt. As your winnings are doubled with each win, you can stand to gain a lot of coin here, no matter the size of win you start with.

Respect the Dead

Nobody likes poking around in dead people’s belongings, yet that’s what you have to do in order to reach the second level of the bonus round, and so you’re going to have to break a taboo.

When you trigger the level, you’ll start off with a room of sarcophagi, where you pick one to get your rewards. However, should you discover one hiding a sphinx symbol, you’ll be taken to the next room, in which the payouts are increased. Yes, it’s another pick me from the brand, but they’ve attempted to change the tempo by including a two part system; we have to say we like the changes they’ve made. They’re subtle, but enough to keep the idea feeling fresh.

Scatter Plays Pay

Spielo very rarely do away with their scatter symbol, but what they do like to do is change what it does – sometimes it grants extra spins, others it gives out cash. Sphinx is the latter, which may be disappointing to hear, especially when you consider how small the wins can be. Gamers can get only 22.50 credits from the icon, and that’s at the maximum bet; hardly thrilling for a game that showed such promise.

All Is Not Lost

Sphinx isn’t a big name game, nor does it deliver the variance we’d like, but for such a lacklustre title, it packs a punch all the same. We enjoyed our flit upon the reels, even though the successes were small in size and value; we guess this experience is wholly down to preference. Some of you will adapt well and appreciate the minimalist design, while others will be eager to try out other brighter and more intricate games.