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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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One thing you can always count on from Spielo, is a game that looks different from the last; there’s some exceptions to that rule, but generally they create new slots time and time again. The Big Easy is one of their latest, and boy can you tell they’ve worked hard on this one – the aesthetic is tangible in its execution.

The theme is one of jazz music, and so the novelty factor can be seen as rather niche, but try not to let it put you off, for there’s fun to be had here. Not high variance fun; this high quality title may look the part, but it doesn’t always act it. Nonetheless, while you won’t get a show-stopper of features night after night, you will get well rounded ones.

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Listen to That Bass

Before we got into rave anthems and dance music, there was a different type of bass we appreciated; by playing The Big Easy you can get back to that sound. That atmosphere doesn’t just come from the sounds we hear whilst gaming, of which there’s a few, but from the very look of the matrix itself.

This is one happening 3×5 grid, every square upon it is decorated with an exclusive image that you’ll only see within this game and no others. That level of detail isn’t usually seen in slot machines, especially those from smaller gaming brands, and so you’d better savour the taste. This is like drinking a fine wine or whisky, the enjoyment comes from going with the flow as each different flavour hits your taste buds.


The Big Easy has some fancy footwork, most of all when it comes to its design. Instead of keeping the control panel rigid, it’s been given a new lease of life. It may have all the expected toggles upon it, but it looks cleaner and much more streamlined; this is one slick set of buttons.

Having everything spread out across one line makes navigating the interface much simpler, which in turn allows for a less stressful experience. You don’t need to faff about here, just tap the widget you need and the grid does the rest. Such a trivial feature in truth, and yet it has a huge impact on the gamethrough; we commend Spielo for not overlooking its importance.

Take It Easy

The Big Easy logo is your way to the bonus round, which happens to be an interactive extra spins level. When the two are combined, it’s usually because a feature level allows us to pick various components that then appear in the free games, e.g. pick the number of rounds, then the multiplier.

That’s exactly what you’re getting here. It may not be as immersive as you’d like, but compared to the other bonuses from the brand, that all stick to the same layout, this is welcomingly different.

First off, you’ll have to select one of several hip bars when you launch the level, which only happens when over three of the logo have been matched. Once you’ve got your location, you then need to set about picking your preferred instrument – can’t have a gig without sound! Each selection holds a different outcome, but so too does the number of icons matched; if you only get three, the most spins you can gain is 15, but get five and that increases to 25.

Big Wins, My Friend

Now that we’re comfortable and away from prying eyes and ears, let’s talk about the money you can gain here. Sweet Lord, as much as 5,000 credits can be yours. The thing is, you have to be willing to part with cash to get the cash, and so you need to be betting the maximum amount. That figure so happens to be 5 credits upon each winline, and so your final bet becomes 100, not exactly the friendliest of amounts to part with.

Take It Away!

Given how flashy the theme is, we expected more from the 5-reels, but nonetheless, The Big Easy was an enjoyable experience. It may not deliver every time, but it ensures that your punts are worthwhile. However, don’t go playing if you can’t afford to keep up the pace, as this game isn’t one to surrender its goods easily.