The Wild Life Slot

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Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms


Earn up to 800,000 coins Full bonus terms

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The Wild Life bursts onto your screen in retro colour when you play with Spielo. This dated 5-reel real cash slot may not have the looks of a shiny new toy, but it has the class of a casino classic. Not to mention it roars with the heart of a lion, and pounds its hooves with the might of ten elephants.

Too often we take tours through jungles and deserts, but we never get to interact with the various animals that live there, with most slots taking an Indiana Jones approach. This time round you don’t have to worry about that – you’re not some adventurer, you’re just a man on a mission. You want gold, and you’re going to work with the animals to get it.

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Golden Brown

The heat from the sun reaches all areas of this grid, no matter the time of day, which means that it’s always awash with warmth; we love how authentic it feels, even though the quality of design is low. It goes to show that modern tech isn’t needed to create a good atmosphere.

In regards to the interface itself, there’s nothing overly special about the graphics, and in truth, compared to the other Spielo/Gtech slots, this is one of the more interesting looking. Compare The Wild Life to Sphinx: both have utilised expertise from the same developers, and yet the difference in texture and tone is noticeable.

Tracking on the Map

Seeing as you have a large patch of land to cover, it’s best to refer to the map as often as possible, say between three to five times. Whenever you do that, you’ll be rewarded for your efforts and given a round of games. True, the higher the combination the better the turnout, but even a bout of 10 games is better than nothing.

As if that wasn’t enough to have us checking out maps continuously, you have the added perk that all wins during this time are doubled in size. So you can consider this a two for the price of one feature; not many other Spielo games include a multiplier in their free games.

It’s a Jungle out There

After much excitement in the feature game, you’ll no doubt be happy to take a regular safari across the remaining paytable, for that’s likely where you’ll receive the most cash prizes. Spielo have put on a show here, depicting as many big animals as possible, such as rhinos and giraffes; each of them have their own place in the real jungle, and so the same stands here.

The lion is the one bringing in the most credits, but that’s to be expected given the theme of the title; this creature can bestow between 0.50 and 625 credits to you. As far as payouts go, this is a middling amount, and in no way will it make you a high roller. However, it’s a nice wad of cash to put back into the kitty after a hard day of crossing the jungle, and so you have to take your victories where you can, whatever their size.

Tough Terrain

We love easy-going slot machines, but sadly The Wild Life isn’t a game that falls into that category. You can win here, but not as often as you might like. This is a medium volatility title, and as such you need to expect to be disappointed more times than you are surprised. It’s a fight out in this jungle.

In terms of its true difficulty, there are plenty of other Spielo titles, like Poseidon, that are much harder to beat, not that it will make tackling this monster any easier. All we suggest is that you play as best you can, and opt for the demo if you don’t want to risk too much cash.

Timid at Best

This is meant to be an adrenaline filled gaming experience, but instead it’s meek and mild – a far cry from what a jungle themed slot machine should be. Even though the theme and the experience don’t mesh, you can still enjoy the limited paytable, just don’t go expecting miracles when you’re playing; they won’t come.