Spigo Online Slots

Typically, when we review a software provider, you know what kinds of games we’re going to tell you about. Most companies in this sector create slot machines, their own versions of table games and video poker machines, and perhaps a few speciality offerings to round out their collection. It’s a tried and true formula that has served casinos – both online and land-based – for a long time.

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Spigo is very different. Rather than playing games that are primarily determined by luck, this developer prides itself on their collection of skill games. That doesn’t mean there’s never chance involved, but these are all games where your decisions will have a major impact on the outcome. Whether it’s a solo game that you can get better at over time, or a competition with other players who will be trying their hardest to beat you, these contests are truly a case where the best player will ultimately come out on top.

Spigo Online Slots Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

A Danish Treat

Spigo got its start in 2006, when they began creating products for community gaming sites in a number of different countries and languages. Within a few years, they had developed around 50 titles, many of which were custom-built for individual sites.

Since 2012, the company has developed their own proprietary platform from which they can launch many of their own popular games. Rather than produce games directly for consumers, they now focus of providing their products to casino sites, who can then integrate them with their more traditional offerings.

World Famous Games in a New Format

One of the cool things about Spigo’s lineup of games is that you’ll likely be familiar with a bunch of them even if you’ve never stepped into a casino before. In fact, these titles are real games, the kinds that friends sit around a table and enjoy playing even when there isn’t any money on the line. As we mentioned earlier, some of these games are designed to be played by a single player. In these cases, if you play for real money, you’ll need to hit a set goal in order to win a prize. For instance, in the classic game of Klondike – known as Solitaire 7 here (and just plain old Solitaire to many people) – you’ll be paid if you can move the entire deck to the foundation stacks, while anything less is considered a loss.

Other common card games are available with similar rules. There’s Spider Solitaire and FreeCell, two games that have become very familiar to players around the world thanks to their inclusion in many versions of Windows over the years. In these cases, you’ll need to “win” in order to get paid, though you can vary the difficulty to change the potential payouts. Spigo has developed some new one-player games, too. Diamonds is a match-three game in the style of Candy Crush or Columns. There are a number of different styles of levels that you can complete to win prizes, and once again the difficulty level is variable: you can earn a small prize at the easy level, or turn up the challenge in exchange for bigger rewards.

On the other hand, you won’t be required to play alone. Many of the offerings here are designed for competitive play against other opponents, with each of you putting up a stake and the winner taking the prize money. These games range from those where there’s a lot of luck and just a smattering of skill, to those where experienced players will almost always beat weaker competition. In the first category are games like Yatzy, a game that has many variants around the world (including Yahtzee, a popular version in North America). While your chances of winning in this contest have a lot to do with the rolls of the dice, there’s also plenty of strategy in terms of how you use those dice, ensuring that skillful play will still give you an edge.

If you’re looking for a game that you can spend a lifetime mastering, there’s also backgammon. One of the world’s most famous games of skill, backgammon does use dice, but their impact over the long run is minimal: strong players will dominate those who don’t understand the complex strategies at play throughout each round. There are even options here that allow many people to participate at once. Hearts is designed to be played by four players, for instance, and Yazty can handle that many as well. Spigo has even created some bingo rooms that – while not really a skill game – can accommodate large groups.

Taking Matters Into Your Own Hands

If you’re considering playing with Spigo’s collection, there’s probably one important question you should ask yourself: are you interested in pure gambling, or does the thrill of testing your skills matter, too? If you’re just looking to gamble some cash for the shot at a major jackpot, then you’ll be better off playing more traditional casino fare. Let’s face it: those games were made for gambling, and it shows. Slots, roulette, and other games give you the chance to quickly win or lose money, and generate all their excitement from that aspect.

In contrast, Spigo offers games that are thrilling in and of themselves. When you need just the right dice roll to get your last piece home in Ludo, hold a slim lead into the final hand of Hearts, or are trying to figure out if you can clear a Diamonds board in the next three moves, you’ll find yourself so wrapped up in the action that you might not even remember that money is on the line. That’s a good thing, especially because you’re not going to be winning any million-dollar prizes here. The stakes tend to be rather low – just enough to make things a little more fun, but never anything life-changing. There are jackpots that you’ll get a free shot at winning every once in a while, but these are rarely worth more than a couple hundred Euro at most.

Spigo is also a great place to play if you’re interested in the more social side of online gaming. There are integrated chat functions in their lobbies and games, meaning you’re free to interact with friends and opponents whenever you like. These features aren’t utilized as much as you might expect, but you can still occasionally get a good conversation going over the backgammon board.

A Welcome Addition to the Industry

Spigo is very different than the standard offerings we see from most software developers, and that’s a great thing. While every development studio tries to do its own thing, the end results are mostly pretty similar: slots with different themes, or table games with different colored felt. What this company provides is an entirely different type of gaming altogether. These options are often fun to play even when there is no money on the line, and we have proof that this is true: most of these games are played by millions of people every day without wagering a single penny.

If you like casinos in general, a site that is entirely based on Spigo’s platform probably isn’t for you – the lack of traditional gambling offerings might leave you disappointed. But a growing number of sites are including these games alongside everything else you’d expect to find in a casino. This is pretty much always a welcome addition, and we suspect that most players will enjoy trying these titles at least once in a while as a change of pace.