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Even if it doesn’t pull in the revenues that Macau can boast, there’s still little doubt that the center of the gambling universe is in Nevada. Many of the world’s leading gaming firms are based there, mainly because they were founded by casino owners – many of whom still have operations there today – or those who wanted to be near Las Vegas. Of course, Vegas isn’t the only game in the state, however: along with many very small venues, there’s also the Biggest Little City in the World: Reno.

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That’s the home of the company we’re going to be talking about on this page, Spin Games. Founded in 2012 by Kent Young, this firm is a developer that looks to create a variety of games – with a focus on slots and video poker – that are innovative and high-quality products. Servicing both the iGaming industry and the land-based side of the gambling world, this is a company that has built up a lot of clout in a short period of time thanks to their record of producing excellent games for their partners. Despite a small staff of just over 25 employees, they’ve put together some great content already and are a group that’s likely to continue succeeding in the years to come.

Spin Games Online Slots Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

Machine Games in Many Forms

As their name would suggest, Spin Games is a studio that has developed a library of machine-based games. However, it’s important to note that this doesn’t just mean slots. While they do represent the largest part of their collection, they have also worked on video poker and other titles, offering up a little more range than we see from many specialist developers.

Still, there are nearly 30 slots in their library, and that’s where we’ll start our review of their games. This is a selection that includes some rather classic slots themes, but also more than a few original ideas that are brought out with a mix of gorgeous design and strong gameplay features. Most of these machines utilize bold, bright colors and a realistic art style, which combines to make these machines eye-catching both on casino floors and on the online gaming sites where they appear.

One of the most popular games in the lineup is Queen of the Skies, a game that celebrates the life and times of Amelia Earhart. Appropriately for this theme, the game takes place with a blue sky background (with a few puffy clouds), and the sounds of single propeller aircraft can constantly be heard while you play.

The game itself is played on a five-reel, 40-payline setup, in which the goal is to match symbols from left-to-right across the reels. While the nines through aces that make up the smaller available wins are pretty typical for slots, they are stylized in a manner that makes them look period appropriate to the game’s theme. Bigger wins come from matching aviator goggles, suitcases, wings, lighthouses, and planes.

If you find Amelia herself on the reels, you’ll be happy: not only is she a wild that can substitute for any symbol, she can also earn you the largest prizes in the game. The globe acts as a scatter; hit three, and you’ll earn a free spins round where you’ll pick a plane to find out your multiplier, then choose a continent to get a stacked symbol that will appear during your 10 free plays. Wilds are stacked too in order to make these spins as lucrative as possible.

For those looking for something with a more classical slots theme, Triple Sapphire Sevens should fit the bill. This is a game that uses a classic fabric-patterned blue backdrop, a no-frills approach that pervades this entire machine. Even the theming is all about the classics of the gaming world: sevens, bars, and cherries are the thematic symbols, just as they have been for nearly a century’s worth of machines before this one.

The game tries to keep things relatively simple as well, offering up just nine paylines over its five reels of action. Jacks, queens, kings and aces provide small wins, while cherries, bars and those sevens we mentioned all offer bigger prizes. If you want even more money, you’ll be looking out for the 3x wilds, which triple your winnings whenever they take part in a paying combination. These wilds can even stack: hit two, and you’ll win 9x your normal prize, while three of them taking part in a win will grant you an amazing 27x multiplier! There are no special rounds or other bonuses, but this isn’t really a machine that needs them.

These are just a couple of the bigger names in the Spin Games slots portfolio. But the company has also made many other great titles that can be found both online and in brick-and-mortar resorts in the United States and elsewhere. A few other examples are:

  • Egyptian Gods
  • Four Guardians
  • Flying Horse
  • Rhinestone Cowboy
  • Liberty Bells
  • King of the Luau
  • Gods of Fortune
  • Triple Bombshell Betties

As we said earlier, though, this company isn’t just a slots provider. They’ve also created a host of other games, including several video poker machines that cover some of the most popular variants in the game’s history. These include Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild as well as a few games that are better known under other names: for instance, there’s Regal Poker (Bonus Poker) and Jester Poker (Joker Poker). These games allow for both single-handed and multi-hand play; for instance, Jacks or Better allows you to play up to 52 games at one time.

Spin has also created a series of bingo-style games. These machines, with titles like Empire Action, give players four cards with which they hope to make patterns by matching numbers with those drawn at random by the machine. Many of these games offer additional features: Empire Action, for instance, allows players to make an extra bet to unlock even more potential winning combinations.

Finally, Spin Games has also made their own keno product, which comes in a number of different themes that offer small variations on the core gameplay. For instance, Ancient Thunder features multipliers, the chance to earn free plays, and a wheel-based bonus round.

Working with the Best

We often say that you can learn a lot about a company in this industry based on who they work with. In the case of Spin Games, this says a lot, as they have consistently managed to partner themselves with some of the biggest names in the industry. These include major manufacturers like IGT, Konami and Bally, top operators like bwin, and some of iGaming’s biggest corporations, such as Amaya and Novomatic. That’s a sign that you’re dealing with a company that has earned itself a lot of trust from officials across the industry.

Surprisingly, you won’t find these titles at all that many online casinos, however. That’s not to say that you can’t find them, of course – we know of many trusted, quality casinos that are spreading at least some of the Spin collection. But that number is in the range of a couple dozen rather than hundreds. This is likely because the studio is careful when it comes to issues of regulatory compliance, meaning you won’t often see them included in grey market sites, but rather in highly regulated markets – a trait they share with many other trusted groups in the industry.

Well Worth Your Time

If you have a chance to try out the Spin Games collection, whether that be at a real world casino on your next trip or at your favorite gambling website, we definitely recommend checking out these products. Not only are these games sleek and modern in their appearance and interface, they also offer up interesting gameplay options and plenty of replay ability. That’s not a combination that we see that often, and we’re happy to tell players when we do.

It’s unfortunate that these games aren’t available to everyone in the world, but that’s typically the case in the current landscape where there are various levels of regulation in different countries. Still, if you’re in a position to try out these slots, we definitely think you’ll have a good, safe time playing them.