Spinmatic Online Slots

One of the most frustrating things we can find out about an online casino software provider is that all of their games are basically clones of each other, both in terms of style and gameplay substance. On the other hand, if a developer can make each of their games look truly unique, then players can spend a lot of time with even a small collection and never get bored.

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One group that has done an excellent job of creating a slots collection that provides a variety of distinct options for gamblers is Spinmatic Entertainment. Founded in 2015 and based out of Malta, Spinmatic is a relatively small firm that has built online slots as well as products for the land-based industry. Despite not being one of the giants of the industry, this studio has put together some absolutely beautiful games that use state-of-the-art technology and are accessible to both mobile and desktop users.

Spinmatic Online Slots Slot Machine Reviews (No Free Games)

Groundbreaking Slots

From what we’ve seen, the Spinmatic portfolio is entirely comprised of a number of slot machines. We’ve been able to identify about a dozen ourselves, though the company claims to have made approximately 30 titles in total so far. A number of their signature creations are highlighted on the company’s website, and there are some impressive videos showing off their games in action on YouTube as well.

There are two things that stand out immediately when you view these games. The first is that the graphics are stunning, featuring both slick animations and detailed characters and settings, all made to be as bold and distinctive as possible. What’s perhaps even more impressive, however, is the second obvious thing here: these machines don’t share one single artistic style, with the look of each game varying depending on the exact theme. Whether they’re bright and shiny, gritty and dark, or set in an alien, cosmic world, each game looks perfect for the theme being presented.

Slots Avengers

Superheroes are all the rage these days, with many companies creating games based on licensed properties from the Marvel or DC universes. But why use existing characters when you can create your own? In Real Life Super Heroes, Spinmatic explores a dark, dangerous city that is protected by a cast of three masked heroes, each of which has a distinct look and personality. While the city looks just as grim as Gotham, the three main characters are boldly colored, making them stand out from their gritty background.

The game itself is a five-reel machine with 30 paylines, in which players are looking to make matches from left to right across the screen. While small wins can come from hitting the card rank icons from jacks through aces, bigger wins come from a cast of characters that include victims, villains, and (naturally) our heroes, who offer the largest payouts.

However, there’s also a slew of special features to be found in this title. Along with wilds, there’s also a scatter symbol that can give you a choice between three different versions of a free spins game. There’s also the evidence symbol, which (when found on screen) will provide you with a “clue.” Collect all five clues related to any one of the superheroes, and you’ll trigger the bonus round associated with that character.

Treasures Abound

Another title that we enjoyed greatly was Caishen’s Treasure, one of the newer games in the Spinmatic collection. This game uses a heavy Chinese theme, with artwork that not only paints an incredible scene, but also features traditional elements like Chinese dragons. Caishen – the god of prosperity – is the one exception to this old-school look, as he’s sporting a pair of sunglasses that definitely comes from the modern era.

The icons on this game are similar to those seen in other China-themed machines: coins, red envelops, gold ingots, and dragons (along with – again – the standard card ranks, this time presented on stylized scrolls). In this case, players are looking to match these icons across a 3×5 layout that uses a 243 ways to win format, meaning you won’t have to worry about paylines here. This is another machine with a choose-your-own-variance free spins game, in which you can choose more spins or larger multipliers based on your preferences. There’s even a gamble feature you have the option of playing after any winning spin.


If you want to try something very different, you may want to take a look at Galacnica, a cartoonish outer space adventure that stars a cast of extraterrestrial creatures. The game features an eerie, alien look, with a mix of purples and reds making up a distant planet and an unfamiliar sky behind the reels. The designs of the aliens are unique and creative, once again making this feel like the original, unique creation that it is.

In terms of gameplay, this is one of the simpler machines in this collection, as the five-reel layout includes only 10 paylines to win on. However, players have the ability to win both ways, a nice touch that virtually doubles your chances of winning on each spin. The key symbol here is the wild, a green alien who can appear on any of the three middle reels and expand to cover every position on that reel. When one shows up, you’ll get a free re-spin with the wild symbols locked into place. You can even get multiple re-spins in this way if more wild icons show up on screen.

Creative and Flexible

Spinmatic advertises a variety of services for potential clients on their website, but they mainly boil down to the fact that they’re willing to create anything that an operator might want. That means that they’re happy to hear ideas from operators who already have a vision of what they want, after which their designers can take that idea and turn it into a real slot that players and clients will both enjoy. Their online slots are all created using HTML5, making them immediately compatible with nearly all desktop and mobile operating systems upon release.

Given the quality of their products, we were actually pretty surprised to find that Spinmatic doesn’t have a bigger footprint within the iGaming industry yet, with relatively little information available about their team or their games outside of what they present on their own website. However, the group is definitely working on getting their name out there, as they’ve shown up at major trade shows like the 2017 Global Gaming Expo to show off their offerings.

Automatic Entertainment

It’s rare that we encounter a new online casino software provider that offers games that are as high-quality as those we’ve seen from Spinmatic. In terms of presentation, this collection is the equal of just about anything else on the market today, and while none of the gameplay elements are particularly unusual or unique, the slots are certainly a lot of fun to play, with most of them being feature-rich and entertaining. If you’re looking for a new provider that can offer up games with both style and substance, you’ll want to give the Spinmatic collection a try.