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It may seem sometimes that there are so many different companies creating games and providing software to online casinos that there is no room for anyone new to enter the industry – perhaps even that we have too many firms working on these product as it is. But as in any other line of work, there are always new players looking to break into the market, hoping to innovate in ways that make them stand out from the crowd.


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One such studio is Stake Logic, a subsidiary of Novomatic Interactive. Formed in 2015, this small team of developers has made an effort to produce sophisticated and innovative games from their offices in the Netherlands. With the goal of implementing 3D technology and using an advanced mobile platform to bring their products to smartphones and tablets, this is a group that is hoping they can break out to become one of the success stories of the next few years.

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Innovative Twists Set Games Apart

While Stake Logic has done some work on creating gaming platforms, particularly when it comes to mobile gaming, players are most likely to be interested in their games, most of which come in the form of slots. This isn’t a large collection: they currently have just over 20 titles in total to offer to casinos. But still, there are some interesting innovations and ideas here that we think might make these games well worth your time.

First, we can definitely say that these products are among the best looking slot machines we’ve seen from any online software provider. Not only are the graphics sharp and the animations fluid, but everything from the sound design to the way the reels move just feels professional, high-end, and classic. It is obvious from the moment you load your first game from this company that you’re playing the result of countless hours of hard work, similar to what you feel when you first watch the opening to a AAA video game or a Hollywood blockbuster film. This level of production is hard to overstate, and you probably won’t fully realize what we mean until you take a look at one of these machines for yourself.

But as a start, we can walk you through a couple of these games to give you an idea of what you’ll see. First, we’ll take a look at the only branded machine in the collection, Football Gladiators. The game starts with a long animated sequence (which you are free to skip, though watching it once can be fun) in which you learn the theme of the game: modern football (soccer) heroes Robin Van Persie, Toni Kroos, Rio Ferdinand, and Andrea Pirlo are thrown into the world of Roman gladiators to do battle in a variety of different ways.

Once you’re in the game, you’ll pick the player of your choice and get started. The symbols, ranking from ancient-looking footballs to traditional gladiatorial fare, are all designed in high-resolution to give them a very realistic look. There are also two great bonus offers that you’ll be able to play through with your favorite player: the chariot race, in which you can compete on tracks of different sizes for various free spin rewards, or the Battle Bonus, in which you’ll fight a beast of your choosing in order to win credits and potentially even a multiplier. Rousing music, a cheering crowd, and other sounds really drive home the idea of being in a Roman Colosseum.

Another highly innovative machine is Spartus, which once again takes you back to an ancient time: this time fighting alongside Spartan warriors in battle. This game is best known for being the first title to use Stake Logic’s Slots 360 technology, which can show a wide range of battle scenes behind the screen as you play, keeping the background dynamic throughout play. However, there are other cool features at work here too, including a unique bonus system that requires you to hit symbols multiple times over the course of a session, as well as expanding wilds and a Wheel of Fortune bonus round that can award both instant credits and additional free spins to lucky players.

Some games from this developer give a nod to a simpler time in casino gaming as well. Titles like Club 2000 are part of the company’s classic line, though they still offer up some exciting features. In this case, that include a Twin format in which you’ll be playing two three-reel slots at the same time, doubling your chances to win on every spin. Players have the opportunity to match classic symbols like cherries, lemons, oranges, plums, and four-leaf clovers in order to collect prizes on both sides of the game. Scatter prizes are also possible, and a Mystery Club symbol can also offer additional mystery prizes.

These are just a few of the titles that this developer has already created, and more are being released on a fairly frequent basis. Some of the other interesting titles we’ve found in their collection include:

  • John Doe
  • The Book
  • Monkeys of the Universe
  • Dragons Mystery
  • The Amsterdam Masterplan
  • Las Vegas Fever
  • Fruit Smasher
  • Simply Wild

We should also note that there is one – and exactly one – game in this suite that currently doesn’t fit neatly into the category of slots. That is Dice Fortune, a game similar to one we’ve seen before, but only on rare occasions. The idea is to take sets of dice and arrange them into groups, hoping to make winning patterns and score enough points to earn a prize. Since you get to decide where to place dice as they are revealed, it is possible for players to exercise some skill in determining their results, which can make this an interesting diversion, especially if games that are less interactive tend to bore you.

New Name, Trusted Developer

While you may never have heard of Stake Logic, there is a good chance that you’ve heard of their parent company, Novomatic. Founded in 1980, Novomatic has risen to become one of the largest players in the gaming world, particularly in European markets. They also have a significant online presence, and having their name behind this studio adds a lot of weight to their work.

Beyond simply having innovative features and brilliant presentation, site operators might also be interested in this company because of their mobile platform, which they call MOBi. Almost all of the games from this company are developed with Android, iOS, and Windows devices in mind, and are built from the ground up in HTML 5, ensuring that there are no problems with cross-compatibility.

Over the past two years, products and innovations like these have helped see games from this company find their way onto sites run by major operators. Big names like the Unibet Group, Betsson, and EveryMatrix have licensed these titles in order to help improve their mobile (and general) selection for players.

New, But Already Making Waves

Because Stake Logic is such a new addition to the gaming landscape, there’s not much to say about them beyond talking about what they’ve produced so far. They’ve yet to win any major awards, but the bulk of their content has only been released in 2016, so that may just be a matter of time. Their association with Novomatic makes them a firm that can be trusted, and should ensure that they form good relationships that see their titles included in many platforms across the industry.

Overall, we have been given a very positive impression by Stake Logic, and expect them to produce a lot of high quality games over the years to come. Given that the collection is quite small, it would be hard for us to say that you should pick a casino site just because they are part of the offerings there. But we would regard their inclusion as a major plus, and if you should play at a casino that has these slots, we highly recommend playing them, as they are interesting, fun, and stand up to the best of what larger companies have to offer today.