Wager Works Online Slots

WagerWorks is a gaming company with one of the most solid histories in the industry and boasts some of the biggest names in gaming among its clients. Specialising in providing a wide range of services to a host of companies, they concentrated on the UK market primarily and worked with big high street bookmakers and dedicated online providers to offer some familiar games and high quality backend services. The company was and continues to be highly experienced and knowledgeable in regulated markets and it was this that prompted IGT to take an interest. With online gaming all but blocked in IGT’s native US market, they looked elsewhere for a company that had experience in overcoming regulatory hurdles and set their sights firmly on WagerWorks. In 2005, this came to a head with the acquisition of WagerWorks by IGT for $90 million, with WagerWorks tasked with bringing its new parent company bang up to date in the online world.

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You can play all WagerWorks slots over on our IGT section.

What Makes WagerWorks Special

Any company that can convince the world’s largest land based slot manufacturer to cough up millions of dollars in acquisition fees is bound to have plenty going for it and WagerWorks most definitely does. While the company was brought on board to manage the online gaming part of IGT, it has since also merged with the mobile division to create an all-round online gaming powerhouse with plenty of tricks up its sleeve. The net result is that the casinos above feature some of the most recognisable games in the world. Whether you live in the US, UK or just about anywhere else in the world, you’ll have played some of IGT’s classic games even if you don’t necessarily know it, and all of them are brought to life in regulated markets using WagerWorks’ decade plus of expertise in such markets.

From licenced slots to some of the most popular table games and video poker titles in the world, any WagerWorks casino has all sorts of players covered. Such is the vastness of both the IGT and WagerWorks back catalogues that the company is still very much in the process of converting some of their most popular slots for online play so you can always be assured of something new and of the highest quality to enjoy.

Three Reasons to Play at WagerWorks Casinos

In some of our features on the most important software providers in the industry today, we have opted to focus on what they bring to players from an all-round perspective, but there can be no getting away from the fact that the crown jewels in the WagerWorks offering are the games, although it has plenty to back it up to. Here are three reasons why every player should have an account with an IGT/WagerWorks online casino:

  • The slots. Okay, it sound simple but you could definitely see this one coming. IGT has created some of the most popular games in the history of the casino industry and it is WagerWorks’ job to bring these games to online players in regulated markets. Whether you checked out the titles above in detail or just gave them a cursory glance, you’ll have picked out some games that you’ve definitely played before. Even if they’re all new to you, IGT became the market leader that it is today by innovating and creating some of the features that players now take for granted so you can be sure of some of the best gaming action and entertainment around.
  • Entertainment across a wide range of devices. As we noted earlier in this feature, WagerWorks was purchased in order to boost IGT’s online presence but has since been merged with the mobile division. This means that these hugely popular slot games are coming not only to desktop casinos but also mobiles, so smartphone and tablet players need not miss out on any of the action.
  • Variety and flexibility for players. One thing that you won’t find in our selected casinos at the top of this feature is one that offers only IGT and WagerWorks games. As you can tell from the diversity of our online slots selection here at Mr Gamez, we firmly believe that more games are better. The fact that the IGT selection is often combined with titles from other big name developers at online casinos means that a single account is all you need to play hundreds upon hundreds of the finest slots and table games ever created.

WagerWorks in Summary

If you’re a fan of licenced games then an account with an IGT/WagerWorks powered casino is absolutely essential. The company leverages its size and profitability to pick up the rights to plenty of pop culture names and makes great games to go alongside them. Even their original titles account for more of the land based market than any other company so if you want that authentic land based experience in the comfort of your own home then you need look no further.