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Although it might seem that way when you first start looking into the online casino software industry, not every company is devoted to making slot machines. While that’s certainly still the biggest area of development, there are plenty of studios out there that diversify far beyond that area of the casino. In fact, there are some groups that don’t make any of the machines at all, instead focusing all of their efforts on some other niche.

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XPro Gaming is an example of this. The company, founded in 2005 and based in Slovakia, is one of the growing number of providers who are entirely devoted to live dealer games: the specialty offerings that feature real tables and real dealers who are using physical equipment to determine the results of online casino bets. Players can participate over live video streams, watching the games streamed from studios throughout Europe and placing wagers from the comfort of their homes.

It’s an exciting melding of the convenience of Internet gambling and the atmosphere of a live resort, designed to appeal to those who either don’t enjoy the aesthetics of online casinos or aren’t comfortable with the results of random number generators. And with more and more online gambling sites adding these products to their lineups, companies like XPro are in high demand.

Your Favorite Games Brought to Life

If you’re not familiar with live dealer offerings, you’re probably curious about how they work. The short version is that games are broadcast from studios (or sometimes actual brick-and-mortar casinos, though that is not the case here), where dealers are in place to run the games while players watch over streaming video. Users get to watch the results play out in front of them, while making their bets and any necessary decisions through an interface that is a lot like a standard iGaming product. The dealer will verify the results, which will be used to settle the players’ bets, after which the next spin, hand, or round can begin.

Because it takes a special expertise and technology to run such games, it should come as little surprise that companies such as this one often specialize in these games, rather than combining them with more traditional iGaming fare. In the case of XPG, there are a large number of table games covered here, including a couple unique options that are rarely seen in the industry.

Let’s start with what be the most popular table game of all time: blackjack. This studio employs a large number of dealers specifically to run these blackjack tables, and when you watch the live streams, you’ll be able to see several games going on at once. The idea is to give the most realistic feeling game possible, including letting players pick one of the seven available seats in each game, with other real human beings sitting beside them, making decisions about their own hands. Players can make bets that often reach up to $2,000 on some tables, and if all of the seats are full, additional users have the option of playing behind, allowing their fortunes to be decided by the person controlling the hand.

Another game that features prominently in many online casinos is roulette, and this is also an offering that translates well to play over a video stream. In this version, you’ll be able to place bets alongside a nearly unlimited number of follow gamblers, while an experienced dealer takes care of the actual business of spinning the wheel. There are a number of angles for players to watch, including a close up of where the ball drops. The game of choice here is European Roulette, with a single zero wheel and a racetrack version of the layout for those who prefer making the more exotic French bets. Just like at a real table, you’ll even be able to use a video board that keeps track of the results of recent spins.

Also critical for any platform like this is baccarat, the game that is probably more popular with high rollers than any other in the world. Once again, multiple players are able to participate on a single table, which is generally offered in a very simple, no frills version that just allows bets on the player and banker hands (or on a tie). However, there is a Super 6 variant that is also spread at some casinos; in this version, there is no commission charged when you score a win on the banker bet, but in exchange, you’ll only win half a bet if the banker hand wins with the exact score of six.

In total, there are eight standard games included in this collection, which is well above the standard offerings from a company that makes these types of games. The remaining offerings are a mix of proprietary games and a couple of Asian favorites. Two card games are available: Caribbean Stud Poker and Casino Hold’em, each of which pits players against the dealer in order see who makes the best hand. If you’re looking for something a little different, there’s the dice game Sic Bo, or Dragon Tiger, an offering popular in Asia that is very similar to casino war, except that players may bet on either the Dragon or Tiger hands being higher.

XPro has also developed one rather innovative game, though you may not see it directly offered at many casinos. This is a live poker game, one that offers players the opportunity to play Texas Hold’em against a full complement of real opponents at a table that seats nine. A real dealer will handle all the cards, with players’ hands being face down, with each competitor being able to see their own holdings on their own screen. This is certainly not the fastest way to enjoy a hand of online poker, but it adds an atmosphere that’s hard to match anywhere else over the Internet.

Designed for Easy Integration

XPro Gaming has become a fairly popular live dealer solution for operators thanks to the ability to use their software very flexibly depending on a given site’s needs. If there’s already a casino back end in place, these games can be integrated into an existing platform with few problems. Meanwhile, the company can also provide a white label solution that gives an operator everything they need to set up a live casino from scratch.

There’s also plenty of customization available for partners who choose to work with XPro. Tables can often be branded (particularly in their poker product), and dealers are available to speak several languages. While they’re not known for being the most gregarious of staff compared to some others in the industry, they are almost always competent and friendly, which is really all we can ask for.

These benefits are available to many players worldwide, as you’ll often see this platform included in casinos using the EveryMatrix engine to power their gaming selection. In addition, even sites that specifically use this software as a white label solution may have a better selection of games than you’d expect: while there are no slots or traditional titles created by this studio, they have partnered with Betsoft to include a complete selection of online gambling options with their live games.

Quality Products Worth Playing

XPro Gaming is one of the leaders in live dealer offerings, and it is easy to see why. The company not only offers up a wide range of options for players to enjoy, but there’s also a fair bit of innovation here, especially if you’re interested in enjoying their poker game at a site that offers it. Even in their “standard” tables, you’ll get to use a straightforward interface that tends to work well, situation in studios that have a fairly strong sense of atmosphere and which are run by friendly, competent dealers.

Of course, these products are only of interest to you if you enjoy playing table games, and in particular if you miss the liveliness of a real resort environment, which is hard to replicate at standard iGaming sites. If that doesn’t describe you, then there is no real reason to seek out this provider, as they don’t have anything to offer for those who just want to play slots – though we should again mention that you certainly won’t miss out on those, thanks to their many partnership with Betsoft. On the other hand, any gambler who misses the look and feel of real gaming tables and wants to recapture that feeling over the Internet would do well to give these offerings a try.